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“I loved his presentation style. I love that we were engaged, we got up out of our seats. We physically saw how the brain works. I highly recommend Bill for that. He engaged all of us no matter what color our (thinking) preference was.” 

~Greg Wasmuth, Marketing Director, CoCreators Group

“He uses the language that a lot of us have running in our own heads when we are sitting in the boardroom or trying to make the sale and all of those fears come up. What Bill is able to offer is so foundational for everything else that you do that you are able to build upon it and everything else becomes more effective.” 

~Melissa Terry, Entrepreneur

“I tried one of his techniques with my (5 year old) daughter. When we disagree, she becomes the most hard-headed, stubborn (child) in the whole world. (It) used to take her two days to be happy and cooperative…again and now I can get her back to happy and cooperative and loving in 30 seconds. I use these techniques with clients, I use them with employees and I use them with myself.” 

~Jason Webb, Attorney

“…identify what needs we have…communicate that effectively we can get what we want…and close the sale. Everybody has a model of the different personality types but Bill’s breaking it down to…get those cues so that you can position what you are saying to meet that (thinking) style…so much easier.” 

~Deborah Deras, Business Consultant

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Bill Stierle is a communication specialist who has been working with executives and businesses for over 27 years. Bill combines two powerful communication techniques to help people understand and apply thinking styles, personal strengths, and increasing sales and marketing exposure (HBDI & NVC).




William M. "Bill" Stierle

Bill Stierle has been called a dynamic thought leader in the integration of Emotional Intelligence & Thinking Styles Technology by providing content rich presentations that moves audiences in a impactful way.
With over 27 years of consulting expertise, Bill Stierle’s impact is being felt daily inside of the world’s top business schools, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and countless government institutions throughout the world.
Bill has a unique and extensive knowledge for developing and implementing successful programs that encourage people nationwide. His clients profit from an increase in professional productivity, organizational performance and individual effectiveness.
Often corporations and organizations leave talent untapped and under utilized. With Bill’s insight and mentorship, teams are provided with decision making strategies, talent management, customer loyalty, and conflict resolution. Bill is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers for his ability to create thought-provoking and game changing training experiences for his audiences.

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