Purchasing Truth

Photo Credit: Brian Rayford, The Umbrella Syndicate

Truth in Politics. Is it even possible to discuss truth in a safe way in a polarized United States? It is hard to imagine a safe conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family discussing the nation’s biggest issues. What it would be like to listen to and watch political discussions without the current reactivity, meltdown, or withdrawal?  By listening in on the Purchasing Truth podcast with host Bill Stierle and moderator Tom, you will experience a discussion on why the restoration of the conversation about truth with perspective leads to a productive conversation in a partisan nation.  This podcast will address the use of language by our leaders and in the news that has been dividing us, distracting us, splitting us, and keeping us from the unity we desire.

Episode Blogs

PT 51 | Team Identity
  With the evidence presented in the news on the Donald Trump impeachment hearings, Republicans who voted for him seem to exhibit a kind of “team identity,” a level of loyalty which they are committed to. No matter what, whether right or wrong, human beings tend to hold onto what they have invested emotionally and mentally. Listen to this episode as hosts Bill Stierle and Tom discuss the psychology of the “team identity” relating to
PT 50 | Political Ethics
  In the events regarding Donald Trump’s impeachment investigation, Republicans seem to be purchasing the truth, trying to move the ethical line, in efforts to protect Trump’s integrity. Quid pro quo or bribery, the real question is, how far do we bend the truth and blur the lines of political ethics? Listen to this episode as hosts Bill Stierle and Tom review Trump’s and the Republicans’ identity in the impeachment hearings. — Watch the episode
PT 49 | Team Identity
  In democratic capitalist America, the truth of actions and dealings of people in power are sometimes pushed to the unethical, borderline criminal, in order to push some of their own agenda. What is currently happening in our environment is as soon as somebody makes a mistake, everybody’s on it, especially when that person is on the other team. No matter what your team is standing for, it’s right and the other team is wrong.
PT 48 | Trump Impeachment Trial
  There are some things going on in the US political climate that illuminate the different ways truth can be purchased. One such example is the recent closed impeachment trial for Donald Trump. The said hearings are being doubted by some for being too private, and the issue has been hyped by the media. Join hosts Bill Stierle and Tom as they take a closer look at the Donald Trump impeachment events, the real quest
PT 47 | American Values
  Respect should be earned and not just given easily. In America today, as in the case of Donald Trump seated as President, it would seem that the person with the loudest voice gets the most respect from the people. Current politicians capture the nation via empathy and confident self-marketing, and people are subtly hijacked of their American values and true freedom to choose. Listen to this episode as hosts Bill Stierle and Tom discuss
PT 46 | Doubt And Skepticism
  In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about why it’s important to caution ourselves regarding doubt and skepticism. Bill dives into industries planting the seeds of doubt and skepticism through micro-messaging and how it can quickly escalate to something worse. Learn about brand damage, the negative value it creates even in the long-term, and how it relates to the current status quo in the United States today. Bill and Tom then talk about
PT 45 | Value Based Narratives
  People naturally cling to an environment where their beliefs are shared and they feel safe. When people hear someone telling a narrative based on a value that they believe in, they unknowingly move closer towards the person. Bill Stierle and co-host Tom discuss how this type of narrative is being used in politics and how it can be used even better. Bill talks about a strategy on how to make people take you seriously.
PT 44 | Restoration Of Truth
  What do the words truth, integrity, and loyalty mean? In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom discuss how loyalty plays a part in the restoration of truth and integrity. Touching on the impeachment issues against Donald Trump, they also lay out some comparisons between the administrations of Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Robert Nixon. They also take a closer look at compartmentalization in the work environment and the difference between being unethical and being