Purchasing Truth

Photo Credit: Brian Rayford, The Umbrella Syndicate

Truth in Politics. Is it even possible to discuss truth in a safe way in a polarized United States? It is hard to imagine a safe conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family discussing the nation’s biggest issues. What it would be like to listen to and watch political discussions without the current reactivity, meltdown, or withdrawal?  By listening in on the Purchasing Truth podcast with host Bill Stierle and moderator Tom, you will experience a discussion on why the restoration of the conversation about truth with perspective leads to a productive conversation in a partisan nation.  This podcast will address the use of language by our leaders and in the news that has been dividing us, distracting us, splitting us, and keeping us from the unity we desire.

Episode Blogs

PT 12 | Language Choice
  We have to be aware of our language choices all the time especially when we are aiming for respect from others. In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom introduce the four horsemen of the communication apocalypse and go through them one by one. Emphasizing the need for being aware of our language choices, Bill and Tom show how undisciplined communication like tragic recognition can give anyone a bad name. With this, they go back
PT 11 | Emotional Sobriety
  What is emotional sobriety? Today, Bill Stierle and Tom unpack how emotional sobriety affects our conversations, the media, and the government and politics. Along the way, they review some concepts on micro truths and establishing languages that have value. Bill also presents a roadmap that shows examples of typical conversations in political discourse and proves that anyone can be manipulated through their emotions. Hold on tight as Bill and Tom chitchat on how emotional
PT 10 | Hijacking Truth
  How Donald Trump has succeeded in his campaigns boils down to the truth being hijacked. This episode deviates a bit from purchasing the truth because it focuses on hijacking it through the particular lenses of guilt, blame, and the shame cycle. Bill Stierle and Tom shows us how others are already being hijacked by the truth but do not see or realize it. Because of tactics done by politicians like Trump, democrats have no
PT 9 | Truth And Perception
  In recent episodes, we have been breaking down the Three Ps of Purchasing Truth. Today, Bill Stierle and Tom dive deeper into perception, perspective, and proportion. They intently discuss each and how it all relates to influencing the truth. With a visual representation of how perspective can alter the truth, they help guide you through more tricks on how to elevate what is true. They then use the concept of the cylinder to show
PT 8 | Scary Honesty
  Would you believe that honesty can be a scary concept? In this interesting conversation, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about the honest and different realities going on around our societies that may lead to something scary. They discuss what scary honesty means and why they believe America is surrounded by it—from prescription drugs to reasons why politicians are avoiding honesty in their campaigns. Know more about this concept as Bill and Tom share more
PT 7 | Language Patterns
  Language is a powerful tool that anyone can use in all aspects of life. In politics, it is either used well or abused smartly. In another interesting episode, Bill Stierle and Tom continue their quest of Purchasing Truth, and this time they impart to us the seven different language types and how language patterns can create a temporary behavior change. With the right tools, anyone can understand how to deal with the language in
PT 5 | The Problems With Labels
  It’s an okay start to label something because it can help us understand or get a hold of what the other person is saying. The problem with labels is that it’s something that causes people to escalate a conflict. In this episode of Purchasing Truth, hosts Bill Stierle and Tom talk about truth and labeling, specifically the negative side of labeling people most especially in politics, using how Donald Trump labeled the immigrants at
PT 4 | Stages Of Waking Up
  Gaining a greater sense of what you are feeling inside as well as the feeling of another person is an awareness not everyone possesses. In this episode of Purchasing Truth, hosts Bill Stierle and Tom present the Three Stages of Waking Up and reveal the ways to know where you fall into one of these three spots. They discuss presentations of truth and how crafty manipulations that stir emotions can hijack the truth. Their