Purchasing Truth

Photo Credit: Brian Rayford, The Umbrella Syndicate

Truth in Politics. Is it even possible to discuss truth in a safe way in a polarized United States? It is hard to imagine a safe conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family discussing the nation’s biggest issues. What it would be like to listen to and watch political discussions without the current reactivity, meltdown, or withdrawal?  By listening in on the Purchasing Truth podcast with host Bill Stierle and moderator Tom, you will experience a discussion on why the restoration of the conversation about truth with perspective leads to a productive conversation in a partisan nation.  This podcast will address the use of language by our leaders and in the news that has been dividing us, distracting us, splitting us, and keeping us from the unity we desire.

Episode Blogs

PT 158 | Reverse Entitlement
  Every one of us is entitled to more things than one, and sometimes, we take them for granted. However, falling into the depths of reverse entitlement is another topic entirely, and it may lead to uncalled actions and horrifying results. Bill Stierle and Tom look back once again to the violent riot at Capitol Hill on January 6 and how reverse entitlement played a massive role in this unfortunate moment in US history. They
PT 157 | Following The Breadcrumbs
  Just six days into the new year, the entire United States was rocked when a huge mob stormed Capitol Hill to stop the certification of presidential votes. When we follow the breadcrumbs left by this disastrous event, we may discover them leading to President Trump and his allies, all calling on people to resort to violence. However, some of his most loyal followers are rather literal in determining and searching for the truth, and
PT 156 | January 6th Capitol Violence
  January 6th was the day violence erupted in the US Capital, when a mob of Donald Trump supporters charged the Capitol building. If there is one positive benefit anyone can gather from this event, it is an understanding of how powerfully our words matter. This was evident throughout Trump’s presidency, including the day that his words sparked this attack. Bill Stierle and Tom reflect on this recent event in relation to language and communication.
PT 155 | Empathy Lines
  When everyone thought President Donald Trump couldn’t surprise us any longer we hear his recorded phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of the State Brad Raffensperger. Many are flabbergasted at the length of the call and with its borderline mob boss feeling. The course of the call could have been changed (and dramatically shortened) if empathetic communication had been put into good use. Bill Stierle applies his knowledge in communication to dissect Raffensperger’s responses to
PT 154 | Cost Of Fake News
  Almost everyone with access to the Internet is online, relying on what is displayed on the screen for news and “facts.” Coupled with this huge shift in the way we gather news is the dissemination of fake news. After teasing listeners for a couple of episodes, Bill Stierle and Tom finally go deeply into the documentary film After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News. They talk about the overwhelming amount of information
PT 153 | Impact Of Disinformation
  Although the news media is designed to deliver dispassionate facts to the public, ratings and viewership numbers are still rooted in emotions. The impact of disinformation is undoubtedly significant when doubt and skepticism are sowed for the sake of influencing these numbers. Bill Stierle and Tom sit down to dissect how disinformation is spread, even in the mainstream media, just to pique our interest and emotions, leading consumers to convoluted opinions and perspectives. They
PT 152 | Pandemic Impact
  The year 2020 has been defined in large part by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite its obvious impact on the world’s economy, health and wellbeing, there are still people who routinely underplay or even deny the existence of the threat. It’s an amazing testament to the selectiveness of the human brain that a person can literally sit a few blocks away from a food line and still think the virus “isn’t as bad as we
  The power of repetition is in how it makes a statement look like a fact, and the same can be seen occurring when it comes to purchasing truth. When everyone around you has bought into something, no matter whether you join in or not, you can still easily be influenced by it. In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about the purchasing of truth and the demand for eyeballs, particularly in regards to