Purchasing Truth

Photo Credit: Brian Rayford, The Umbrella Syndicate

Truth in Politics. Is it even possible to discuss truth in a safe way in a polarized United States? It is hard to imagine a safe conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family discussing the nation’s biggest issues. What it would be like to listen to and watch political discussions without the current reactivity, meltdown, or withdrawal?  By listening in on the Purchasing Truth podcast with host Bill Stierle and moderator Tom, you will experience a discussion on why the restoration of the conversation about truth with perspective leads to a productive conversation in a partisan nation.  This podcast will address the use of language by our leaders and in the news that has been dividing us, distracting us, splitting us, and keeping us from the unity we desire.

Episode Blogs

PT 101 | Trump Tulsa Rally
  Contrary to Donald Trump’s grand expectations for the Tulsa Rally, the event turned out to be a dud. From the 1 million RSVPs Trump claimed to have received for the event, just under 6,200 people turned up in this highly-marketed mass gathering at the Bank of Oklahoma Center. What will this imply for Trump’s popularity narrative and his presidential campaign as a whole? How will this affect Trump’s image of strength and popularity among
PT 100 | Truth And Healing
  Human beings transfer trauma. When violence takes place, it moves down the line until someone decides that they’re not passing it down. This transfer of trauma is generational, and we’re only just beginning to see its effects. This explains why the death of George Floyd sparked so many protests and looting. On today’s show, Bill Stierle and Tom shine a light on this transfer of trauma and how we can stop it and start
PT 99 | Fighting The Police
  In today’s society, there is so much happening almost every week involving the police. Bill Stierle and Tom find it relevant to address these issues, such as the recent incident in Atlanta with Rayshard Brooks being killed by a police officer. The now-fired Atlanta officer has been charged with felony murder, but people can’t help but feel sad, helpless, and disheartened. Could the situation have been better handled without causing the damage? Had Rayshard
PT 98 | Defund The Police
  What does the “Defund the police” slogan mean? That depends on whom you ask, with the most extreme people advocating for the literal abolition of police departments in cities around the country. Bill Stierle and Tom move away from this extreme towards a more sensible interpretation centered on resource allocation and community support. In many ways, the police are forced to do many things that are not in their area of expertise because of
  One of the main reasons why Donald Trump gets to purchase the truth from the people is because of the failure of journalists to have a productive and meaningful discourse with him every time he goes to the podium. A lot of times, they walk straight into communication traps that get in the way of the truth. It takes certain skills to be able to communicate effectively with the president – skills which the
PT 96 | Trump Bible Photo Op
  Donald Trump’s now-viral Bible-holding photo is generally deemed as an extremely offensive political stunt, but there was nothing new about it. Whether from the perspective of the Christian community or the leaders whose careers were being hijacked by their mere presence in the photo, the stunt was a classic case of Trump borrowing respect and credibility from others to justify something he is about to do. Bill Stierle and Tom analyze Donald Trump’s photo
  In the protests and riots resulting from the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer, people are fighting against a systemic lack of empathy. The violence brought about by this lack of empathy, even among the most common of people, is terrifying, and is why the people are furious. Bill Stierle and Tom dive into the lack of empathy in the world right now, and its violent consequences. Truth is
PT 94 | Brand America
  Branding plays a huge part in how truth is perceived and purchased. In Brand America, the way truth is distributed is dependent on loud, attention-grabbing, clickbait headlines that ultimately warp the information contained within. Bill Stierle and Tom continue their deep dive into truth in Brand America. They go into social media—the internet as a whole, for that matter—and its importance in the way truth circulates and is consumed. — Watch the episode here: