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Bill is a communication specialist that has been working with individuals, couples, and families for over 25 years. He has coached thousands of people and has taught numerous workshops locally and nationally on topics that address the concerns about personal and professional effectiveness, relationships, and parenting.

The material Bill presents is designed for people who want to create more ease and effectiveness within their relationships, both at home and work. If you have working relationships, his communication technique will provide you with insights and tools to create more joy and deepen connection. If you are experiencing distress and conflict within relationships, his trainings will provide you with the tools necessary to heal long standing conflicts, restore peace, and develop new levels of intimacy.

He has received rave reviews for his practical and innovative trainings and workshops. Drawing from his professional background, marriage, and raising 3 children, he has a passion for contributing life changing tools that help people thrive in their relationships.

With Bill’s effective communication and conflict resolution tools, you'll learn to understand the core of all conflict, anger, and emotional pain—and how to peacefully find satisfying resolutions where you never thought they were possible! 

“Every time I get together with you I learn something very significant. I am always inspired by you and your approach. ... I still haven’t seen or experienced anyone who can match your ability - your knowledge and high quality content. You inspire hope in me.” J. Covey

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Bill Stierle |  Email