Conflict Resolution

Agreements Re-Tooled.

"A mediator plays the role of a catalyst, facilitating safe communication, encouraging individuals to achieve an equitable settlement and resolution."

- Bill Stierle

Imagine an expert who can create immediate connection to effective communication.

  • Settlement Advocate
  • Bring Together Groups
  • Safe & Confidential Environment
  • Help Avoid Going to Court
  • Facilitate Document Exchange
  • Save Time & Money

"Contrary to many expensive court interventions, a more peaceful and lasting solution is possible using mediation."

Why mediation?

Since 2000, Bill Stierle has brought his unique blend of determination and creativity to ending bitterly fought lawsuits. He has a rare intellectual ability and skill to synthesize complex issues and distill them in a form easily understood by the participants. He has been called upon to mediate high profile and sensitive disputes in the areas of business, personal conflicts, entertainment, and government.

Bill is continually sought after to resolve the most difficult matters in the area of business disputes, medical malpractice, class action, personal injury and family law cases. He reduces the emotional load in the dispute, which allows individuals to identify the most effective and timely means to achieve settlement. His determination, mixed with ease under pressure, makes him the ideal mediator to resolve even your most contentious disputes.

Conflict Resolution works with:

  • Business & contract disputes
  • Employers, employees, co-workers
  • Corporate
  • Community
  • Government
  • Family disputes
  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Neighbors

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