Purchasing Truth

Photo Credit: Brian Rayford, The Umbrella Syndicate

Truth in Politics. Is it even possible to discuss truth in a safe way in a polarized United States? It is hard to imagine a safe conversation with your friends, co-workers, and family discussing the nation’s biggest issues. What it would be like to listen to and watch political discussions without the current reactivity, meltdown, or withdrawal?  By listening in on the Purchasing Truth podcast with host Bill Stierle and moderator Tom, you will experience a discussion on why the restoration of the conversation about truth with perspective leads to a productive conversation in a partisan nation.  This podcast will address the use of language by our leaders and in the news that has been dividing us, distracting us, splitting us, and keeping us from the unity we desire.

Episode Blogs

PT 110 | Being Specific
  As you may have known by now, there are so many ways that truth can be purchased in our daily lives. Most especially by people in power positions, the truth can easily be made to work for what they need and want others to believe. In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about how that is being done in Portland, Oregon. They also tap into the role of the media and even the
  There seems to be a lot of conspiracy theories being propagated. They strive to uncover the “truth” behind some of the biggest news stories, from the JFK assassination and the moon landing to supposed UFO sightings and COVID-19. On today’s podcast, Bill Stierle and Tom take a closer look at some of the most popular conspiracy theories in circulation and discuss how conspiracy theories are a way to indoctrinate people and to purchase truth
PT 108 | Masks And Education
  Little do we realize it, but our beliefs have the power to purchase truth from us. No matter what others say, if we are already bought into what we believe, it can be very difficult to see anything else. In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about how our beliefs shape the truth, especially in the context of the current situation of our children’s education. The on-going talks of school reopening have undeniably
PT 107 | Wearing A Mask
  In our quest to find the truth, we also have to recognize that our brain purchases truth away from us by saying things that are not aligned with the truth but are in alignment with the stability and the certainty that a belief provides. This is very much evident in the rip-roaring dialogue about wearing masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. On today’s show, Bill Stierle and Tom tackle the controversy and the difficulties around
PT 106 | Trump Tax Returns
  What does Donald Trump’s Supreme Court defeat over the issue of his tax returns mean for justice, fairness, and integrity in America? Bill Stierle and Tom give their take on whether the president can use the immunity card to continue evading the subpoenas from the House of Representatives and the Southern District of New York. They also discuss the possible avenues through which Joe Biden’s camp can benefit from this situation. As the nation
PT 105 | Bad News
  We have reached a point where bad news has become a tool for people in power to distract us from the truly important things. We have seen this constantly in play with President Donald Trump, who seems to be living from the traction of bad news. In this episode, Bill Stierle and Tom dive deep into truth and the value of bad news. They discuss the issue involving the president and NASCAR and what
  When it comes to finding out the truth, one has to have the willingness and the time to research to find out where an issue sits. On today’s podcast, Bill Stierle and Tom talk about truth and time. It’s become increasingly shocking how a lot of people are forming biases without checking on the source of information. Bill and Tom observe how people don’t seem to want to do that much work to determine
PT 103 | Overton Window
  We live within a society that is highly polarized in most political issues. Straddling this left-right dichotomy is the Overton window, which represents the range of policies that are acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time. But what happens when you’ve got marketing people in the office? You might see sound bite marketing being used to pull the center of the Overton window towards their side of the spectrum. In this follow-up